Posted on February 6, 2017 in The Building Process

Titled Vs Non-Titled Lots by GO Homes

Whether you’re choosing an established property, or a block and building, there are a number of title categories your home can fall under.

It’s important to find out if the property or block you’ve chosen is titled or not before assessing the overall cost and timeframe from purchase.

A title is simply a document registered with the Property Registry that allows you or others to lien or mortgage the property built on said land. Take a look at the differences and results below.


Overall, buying a titled lot is a quicker and simpler process, it is also much easier for the builder or developer to give a more specific timeframe of completion.

  • The approvals process can be started straight away
  • As a purchaser you can take ownership quickly and efficiently
  • As soon as the title is cleared builders can begin work, meaning the build can commence sooner
  • Your building license is faster than non-titled.


This usually applies if you fall in love with a location that is not owned by the standard developer. You also could end up paying a lot less, so if time isn’t important to you, then it could be a valid option.

  • Bear in mind that this block is off the plan
  • There may not be easy access to your block, roads might not be in place, curbs yet to be built etc
  • Utilities might not be set up to this address
  • Developers can’t begin building your home until a building license is granted, this process takes longer on non-titled lots
  • Your timeline to collecting your keys can vary and it is hard to get an official date set.

If you are buying an untitled lot, make sure you clear the sale with the government and apply for utilities and building permits.

The process of buying a title is not necessarily straight forward, and changes to this process are made on a regular basis, so for the most up-to date information, call your local council. Once utilities are on the lands, you usually gain recognition of ownership and the right to be there. Therefore, the problem only usually arises if the government issue or sell titles again, meaning you can buy your title, but at a cost. Titles are often negotiable and can vary depending on location.

Chosen a non-titled block? Here are some elements to consider:

Utilise your utilities

Make sure you check if it the site already has access to the necessities, such as water, electricity, sewerage, gas and other wants like internet and phone – then follow up by making sure you know how much time and money they all cost to connect.

Some lots come with municipal water and sewer lines already available, often by the side of the road. Others may have only one of these available. If you are choosing a more rural area, it is more likely to not have either.

Site conditions

It’s a good idea to find out if the land is subject to a ‘building envelope’ before you start planning. A building envelope means you may only be able to build within a certain area of the block. If you are unsure, contact the local council for building restrictions.

Ready to build on?

There are lots of elements to consider – if you choose a plot from a land developer, it will be levelled off and ready to build on, whereas if you’re purchasing an undeveloped lot there could be trees and plants that need removing at an extra cost.

Looking for a piece of land that is ready and waiting?

Titled lots tend to be pre-levelled, meaning there is no waiting around and the work has already been done for you.

If your land has any trees etc, remember it isn’t just the cost of cutting them down to think about. You also have to pay for the chipping, removing logs and stumps, digging up and burying or disposing, which can all be substantial.

Picking your plot

With any plot, the shape, size and existing slopes will influence where you place your property. Before you plan, check out the open spaces.

Both titled and non-titled land can make the perfect Western Australian home, but take into consideration the additional costs and timeframe to see if it is worth your while.

Want to check if your land is titled?

You can apply for the certificate of title online. It is an official land ownership record. A Certificate of Title will tell you the current ownership details of the land, volume and folio, survey plan number and type, encumbrances and notifications, plus whether there is a caveat against the title.