Posted on November 16, 2017 in Home Designs

The perfect walk in wadrobe

Building a house comes with lots of exciting decisions to be made. Of course, you need to think about the big stuff like floor coverings and benchtops. But so often the real joy comes from nailing the little details – and that’s why planning the perfect walk-in robe can be one of the most exciting parts of building a house!

Customising your walk-in robe is an undertaking of it’s own, with so many ideas and designs floating around on Pinterest and Instagram making it easy to get lost in the romance of it all. That’s why we’ve put together some of the most practical and useful tips we’ve found so that the end result is sure to be everything you need.

1. The Pre-work

Before you even start planning your walk-in robe, you need to do a stocktake. Figuring out what you need to accommodate space for is key in making sure you’re designing it the right way for you!

Once you know what you have the next step is to decide what you’ll actually be taking with you. There’s something cathartic and cleansing about getting rid of old clothes that don’t fit anymore, shoes that are scuffed and broken and accessories you haven’t worn for years. But more importantly, doing this means you’ll be maximising the space you’ll have in your beautiful, big new robe!

2. A clever layout

One thing you can never have enough of is hanging space. But it pays to be clever about how you incorporate it into your robe. A mix of short and long hanging options is ideal since a lot of the space underneath long rails can often go wasted!

A great option is to put two short rails on top of one another in one section, just for skirts, shirts, jackets and pants. Another alternative is to add narrow open shelves to store all your shoes, bags and sweaters.

3. Getting organised

It pays to get your shelves and drawers organized and there are so many great ways to do this. Get down to your local storage place and stock up on:

  • scarf holders
  • tie racks
  • shoe boxes
  • accessory drawers
  • plastic tubs (for storing seasonal items)
  • trays and smaller tubs (to organise bigger drawers into smaller, more manageable sections)

4. The finishing touch

Don’t forget to include a mirror! Some prefer a small, head height make-up mirror, while others want the full, ceiling to floor mirror experience so you can easily check your outfit before you leave the house.

At GO Homes, we’ve been designing houses for years. Our experienced team has thought about everything you might need when designing your new home.