Posted on January 1, 2017 in Home Designs

For lots of people, the block of land you buy is the biggest investment of your life, so it makes sense that you’d want to get the absolute most out of it. Being smart about things at the beginning will not only make it a better place to live, it’ll also help the resale value should you decide to sell.

There’s no escaping the fact that Perth can get hot in the height of summer, so adjusting your home design to achieve the best thermal comfort when you build, buy or renovate is a hugely important yet often overlooked way of making the most of your property. It’ll not only make life more comfortable but will help keep energy and cooling costs down.

Designing your Home for Maximum Comfort Checklist

This checklist is designed to help those designing a new home or renovating your build to get the most of your block. Now you’ve picked your land, you want to make every metre count…

When you build, buy or renovate, there are things you can do or features to look for to achieve the best thermal comfort your site or home can offer. At GO Homes we take all of this into consideration. Throughout your build process you’ll be able to ask our expert staff to make sure you tick all the boxes and to explain anything else you need to know!

  • It might be wise to swap living areas around to take advantage of winter sun and cooling summer breezes.
  • Make sure to maximise north-facing daytime living areas where passive solar access is available.
  • Use smaller, well-shaded windows to increase cross-ventilation to the south, east and west.
  • Avoid west-facing bedrooms where possible, to keep comfortable at night.
  • Locate utility areas (laundries, bathrooms, and garages) on the south or west if you can.
  • Avoid placing obstructions such as parking or sheds to the north.
  • Plant shade trees in appropriate locations; landscape to funnel cool breezes and block or filter harsh winds.
  • Prune vegetation that blocks winter sun; alternatively plant seasonal vegetation that allows winter sun in, but provides summer shade.
  • Position door and window openings to improve cross-ventilation paths.
  • In climates with low or no heating needs, develop the site so that existing buildings and trees shade all walls and deflect cooling breezes into the interior.
  • Provide as much roof shading as possible but leave enough solar exposed areas for solar power collection.
  • Allow for bedrooms to be closed and well insulated if using air conditioning in the hotter seasons.
  • Try to include more than one window per room, or if not, add vents above internal doors to improve cross-ventilation.
  • Use roof ventilators or ridge and eaves vents to cool roof spaces.
  • Include shaded, rain-protected outdoor living areas with ceiling fans.

Great! Now you know what to look out for, make sure you’ve got everything covered when it comes to placing your property. With lots of stunning Home Designs to choose from, you’re sure to find a house that not only fits your block, but suits your family and budget perfectly!

If you’ve got any questions regarding any of the above, simply give our experts a call on 08 6555 7510, or get in touch here.