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Gardening made easy – no green thumb required!

Posted on December 14, 2018 in Be Inspired , Blog

Whether you have a green thumb or not, gardens play a part of every home. A well-maintained garden can take your new home to the next level, even improving its value. If your googling gardening tips there’s a fair chance you lack a green thumb, but don’t worry, we’ve got some tips that will take your garden to the next level even if you’re a serial plant killer. So, here’s some tips for those with a not so green thumb:

Grow it:

If your struggling to keep things alive, here’s a list of plants that look amazing, are low maintenance and very easy to keep alive:


An easy-care, Australian native with narrow, strap-like leaves.


Camellias have attractive, glossy leaves and gorgeous white, pink or red flowers.

Japanese sacred bamboo

Is an evergreen, upright shrub with bamboo-like stems, attractive foliage, creamy white flowers and bright red berries.

New Zealand flax

These dramatic, clump-forming plants have long, sword-shaped leaves, which vary in colour depending on the variety. Most cultivars are frost hardy and grow well in almost any climate.

Bird of paradise plant

Is a hearty plant, that is virtually unkillable. It can also act as a feature plant in most gardens.


Best of all hearty plants, they will survive in any soil condition

PROTIP: Because Australia has such a vast range of climatic and soil conditions your local nursery staff will know which plants best suit your area, so have a chat to them as well.

Kill it:

Unsightly weeds can pop up anywhere and everywhere, but when it comes to tackling the weeds it depends on where they are. Weed killers for pathways and between bricks are often a lot stronger than other weed killers on the market. For those looking to kill stuff on the cheap you can use the good old-fashioned Table Salt (Sodium Chloride). Mixing a strong solution in hot water and pour on the area required – but be warned it will kill any plants and nothing will grow for several months.

But for the sneaky weeds that hide in between other plants and even your lawn, you’re going to need targeted weed killers. Your best bet is to have a chat with your local hardware or garden store staff and bring along a photo of the weed and a photo plant you don’t want to kill.

Regardless if you have a green thumb or not, maintaining a garden can be easy, and quickly take your new home to the next level. With these tips in mind have a chat to one of our friendly team members on how we can get you into the perfect home and the garden to match.

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