Posted on June 28, 2017 in Be Inspired

Move Over Black Say Hello To Navy by GO Homes

We’ve decided to add depth to the darkness and undergo an autumnal transformation! Move over harsh black, we’re making room for inky blue hues and deep indigo shades…

The noble background and rich history oozes quality and elegance, while giving your home an instant update, whether it be inside or out. By incorporating different shades of deep blues and navy into our display homes, we’ve added warmth in time for winter – discover how you could add depth to your home with beautiful blues.

It’s time to undergo a blue makeover, and perfectly timed

Beat the autumnal chill with a warming navy tone – this transformation just in time for winter could be exactly what your home has been missing!

Add a splash of nautical navy to your home

Move Over Black Say Hello To Navy Elevation by GO Homes
Don’t feel overwhelmed when it comes to adding colour. If you want to start small but still reap the rewards, begin with accessories and focus pieces like cushions, vases and accessories. This way you can make a decision, adapt with the seasons and give your home a new lease on life without spending a fortune.

Take a modern twist on tradition

Move Over Black Say Hello To Navy Bedroom by GO Homes
Next steps if you don’t want to paint feature walls throughout your home, or update your elevation, is to choose doors and detailing to add depth. This is a great way to make your rooms stand apart and give them a modern lease of life.

Surprisingly soothing

A midnight blue works perfectly within a workspace or reading room. It’s a colour of wisdom and tranquillity. So if you’re designing your den, consider your paint palette for a peaceful room to retreat to. This also works well when added in minimum to bedrooms. Relax and get lost in a sea of navy.

Dramatise a small space

Move Over Black Say Hello To Navy Bathroom by GO Homes

Controversially, consider painting your powder room and cupboard interiors – a coat of dark navy paint will open the space upand add elegance without going gothic! Unlike black, adding cream or white features within the spaces will create a beautiful contrast.

Teal tiling is a big tick

Clinical white kitchens are a thing of the past, a touch of blue can bring the hub of your home to life… or transport you to the beach. For a bold, but subtle nautical element, why not choose a blue backsplash?

Perfect partners

Move Over Black Say Hello To Navy Master Bedroom by GO Homes
Earthy, natural tones and navy are a match made in heaven – wood, leather and bronze all offer a stunning contrast, helping bring this more masculine tone down to earth.

This alternative to black pairs perfectly with dusty pinks, light lilacs and purple pastels. An intense hue deserves a more subtle contrast, reducing the drama of the room.

If you’re feeling bold, why not combine it with a warm yellow tone? It will break up the darkness, simply add an accent piece and create multiple depths within any space.

Is it time you went ocean side?

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to ditch the black and bring on the navy. If you’re looking for more tips and tricks for your home, check out more of our blog posts here. Or why not get in touch with our team to discuss bringing your dream home to life.