Posted on September 18, 2020 in Be Inspired

Spring Into Action indoor plants

Does your house still think it’s winter? Does it feel all grey, cold and gloomy?  Well, maybe it’s time you put a spring in its step!

The team here at GO Homes have all put their heads together to bring you the very best tips and advice on how to give your home a spring makeover.

Spring Into Action Dining Area

Flowers. Of course.

This first one’s a given! Fill your house with flowers. Lots and lots of flowers. It’s spring so they’re full of colour, vibrancy and life. You’ll be amazed at what a few vases worth of flowers can do for a room.

Here’s a pro-tip: limit your bloom type to one per room. The consistency of your flower choice will make your home feel very designer and considered, rather than looking like you got sent flowers by a bunch of people for your birthday.

Spring Into Action shaggy rug

Get that rugged look.

We know the season for being completely rugged up is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your house with colourful rugs! A throw rug on your couch, a nice shaggy rug for your floor, or even a patterned rug for your wall, will give your home that warm spring-look you’re after.

And our advice is: be bold. Experiment with colours, patterns and shapes. If you buy something that doesn’t look quite right in one room, you can bet it’ll look perfect in another.

Got room to grow in your home?

Maybe it’s time you added a bit of life into your home! Plants make lovely housemates and brighten up the room, plus as an extra bonus some also purify the air of toxins.

If you want to recruit a friendly, air-purifying plant to move in, why not consider some of the following:

  • Dwarf Date Palms
  • Spider Plants (don’t worry, they don’t attract spiders)
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Pineapple Plant

And as an added-added-bonus on top of the whole air-purification thing, NASA scientists claim that Pineapple Plants can actually help people stop snoring. So don’t sleep on that handy hint.

Spring Into Action Rooms

Draw a beautiful piece of art…

Don’t worry, you can put your pencils away. We are talking about drawing your fancy new Floral Roman Shades! Swapping out a regular monochrome shade for a colourful flower-patterned one sends a message that “I like my home to look really, really nice!”

Spring Into Action rading corner

Spring for an entirely new home.

Yes, Spring is about new beginnings, so why not fully embrace the spirit of the season by choosing one of our amazing homes here.