Posted on May 12, 2017 in Be Inspired

The Importance of Texture by GO Homes

Is your home feeling a little flat? Discover what a difference the addition of texture can make…

It’s time to ignite the senses – whatever your style, texture is the thing that makes a room pop. It’s what brings a simply satisfactory design up to enviable levels. Texture won’t do it alone, but combined with colour, furniture and decor it will make your room appear more complete.

At GO Homes, we’ve been focusing on textures a lot recently with our design themes and have noticed what a huge difference they’re making to the overall look and feel of a home, both inside and out!

Stick to a style

The Importance of Texture Living Area by GO Homes
Rustic or modern, contemporary or country? Different textures have the ability to reflect different styles. So remember to keep your overall style or design in mind when choosing your textured pieces…

Rough textures are more likely to make a space feel intimate and grounded while smooth textures bring a sleeker, colder tone to the room.

Texture Vs Pattern – there’s a difference

When we talk about pattern, we’re referring to a visual print, while texture is more in the way it feels. Incorporating both into your interiors is the way forward.
The Importance of Texture Bedroom by GO Homes

Where your texture should be placed

Don’t forget to consider the placement of textures as you go about designing your room or home. Putting a smooth texture directly next to a rough one while make the rough object stand out more and offer a heavier focus than if you space them apart. Distance is key when determining what you would like to achieve.

Don’t leave texture to the end

Often texture can be an afterthought, but it’s what makes a room come to life or an elevation give the street presence you’ve always wanted. We’ve been concentrating on contrasting textures when it comes to our Display Homes. It’s a great way to add visual interest and provide balance.

The Importance of Texture Elevation2 by GO Homes
Texture has even more importance when it comes to using a more subdued colour palette. When using sandy tones and neutral colours, adding the right amount of texture with tiles, finished and edging is what provides balance and texture to your build. The Cove Display Home is the perfect example of this.

Another prime example of using different textures is The Newport – we used a mix of Duragroove cladding and steel to resemble the natural coastal surroundings, with a modern edge.
The Importance of Texture Elevation by GO Homes

Adding texture

A combination of concrete, timber, cement-based or metal cladding could be what you’re looking for. Remember to talk to our expert team before you get started, if you’re not sure exactly what you want to achieve. Organic materials are the perfect way to texturise, so why not introduce Mother Nature to your new home?

Materials and textures can have a fascinating effect on a space. The density of a material not only changes the acoustic of a space, but the light, making a room seem smaller or larger depending on the surfaces.

Creating a nice balance

The Importance of Texture Alfresco by GO Homes
Try and put hard, flat, pale surfaces alongside brighter or softer textures, to offer personality to your space – this should be easy to do if you want your home to reflect your personal style. The contrast of material provides visual interest and keeps things balanced. Make sure to give your eyes something to focus on.

Think small

A textured item doesn’t have to be as large as re-flooring, or big furnishings – think books or faux furs. Greenery also works wonders, and it offers so many benefits! So fill your nooks and spaces with your personality, remember, adding texture doesn’t need to cost the earth. A rug or throw will give your home an instant style update!
The Importance of Texture Bedroom Close up by GO Homes

Be careful to rein it in

While a nice collection of textured materials can offer a beautiful backdrop, if you go too texture crazy, it can do the opposite – any more than two or three textures within a space will make it seem hectic, and will draw you away from your focal point.

Get some inspiration

Why not take a walk around one of our Display Homes and take a look at both the exterior and interior? Now you know all about texture, you’ll instantly see what we’re talking about, and it’s a great opportunity to discover styles you like or dislike for your home.