Posted on August 31, 2017 in Be Inspired

Designing homes with a touch of glamour by GO Homes

Giving your home the glamour doesn’t always mean spending the big bucks. We’ve taken a look at what interior designers and architects are doing to create a sense of luxury in your home.

Get a feel for it with quality fabrics

Get a feel for it with quality fabrics
Choosing the right fabrics to style your home can add a real touch of glamour to most rooms. Think textures with soft throws, plush rugs and sheepskin cushions.

Remember, even the upholstery you choose for your sofas and lounges can convey a sense of glamour in your home. Visit a furniture retailer (especially the ones that make their own) and ask to look at their fabric swatches – see what you can do with some well-styled velvet! You’ll get some great ideas on how you can get the glamorous look.
The glamour of colour

The glamour of colour

Colours will influence the feel of the room, too. The trend towards sleek woods and warm metals, when used alongside teals, dusty pinks and deep blues, add a sophisticated vibe to any home.

Styling your home with popular metals is an easy win, too! But don’t overdo it – find a restrained sense of luxe with well-chosen brass and copper light fittings. There’s even the more affordable design pieces like metallic vases and bowls.

Feeling bold? Go for the glamorous look of wallpaper. The resurgence in this design element has seen a stunning range of rich patterns and beautiful textures hit the market.

Building glamour into your home

Glamour Bathtub by GO Homes

If you’re lucky enough to be at the early stages of dreaming up your glamour home, be sure to consider some of the popular design trends.

Walk-in robes are a must-have, but try for something different. Incorporate a dresser within the space – or even an oversized ottoman.

Most homes these days will have a bath. The next level is choosing a freestanding bath to really create a centrepiece in your bathroom.

You wouldn’t normally associate glamour with the kitchen, but this is where you can have the most fun. Stone benchtops come in a range of luxe colours – go black if you really want to make a statement! If budget allows for it, the kitchen scullery is also making a huge comeback.

GO for Glamour with GO Homes

GO for Glamour with GO Homes

Want to see how far you can go with glamour? Get a taste for some of life’s luxuries with our new GO for Glamour range from GO Homes!