Posted on February 7, 2019 in Be Inspired

6 ways to go green – save a fortune and the environment.

As the recent plastic bag ban proves, a tiny to change to our behaviour can have profound environmental benefits. Whether you do it for ethical reasons, or financial reasons, you’ll be richly rewarded for going green and living in a more energy efficient home. Here are some ways you can help protect our precious planet – and your wallet.

Go for a 6-star energy rating

If you’re building or renovating, this is your opportunity to get things right from the ground up. To achieve a 6-star energy rating, you’ll need to consider your home’s orientation to the sun, the placement of windows, incorporating overhanging eaves and including insulation in the cavity walls and ceiling. It’s well worth the effort – your green home will take 24% less energy to heat or cool. At GO Homes, all our designs have a minimum 6-star energy rating- which means less money on bills and more in your pocket.

Invest in window coverings

Most modern homes are built with extensive glazing – especially in open plan living and dining areas. While windows allow the outdoors in, they also allow for dramatic heat gain and loss. The best way to protect against this is with blinds and curtains; the thicker the material of your window coverings the more insulating they will be.

Switch to LED lights

LED bulbs are the epitome of a little change that can make a huge difference. These energy saving wonder-bulbs produce the same amount of light as a halogen bulb, however they consume 80% less power. But wait, it gets better! With halogens, only 10% of the electricity consumed generates light while 90% is turned into heat. In summer, the more you use your halogen lights, the more you’ll need to use the aircon – further increasing your power bill. And while LED globes initially cost more, they last up to 80,000 hours (versus 1000 hours for halogens) so you’ll be replacing them far less often. To help you make the switch to LED lights, all GO Homes’ complete inclusion package comes with a LED downlight package.


Don’t let your green waste go to waste. Between your grass clippings and any plant-based kitchen scraps, you have the start a nutrient-rich compost heap. Mix in some shredded unwaxed paper or cardboard and you’ll be producing rich organic matter in no time – your sandy Perth soil will love you for it. The easiest way to start composting is with a tumbler bin. But if even that sounds like too much trouble, you can spread your lawn clippings on the garden as mulch and dig the kitchen scraps directly into the soil.

Be water wise

In recent years, Perth’s reservoirs have dropped to perilously low levels. As our rainfall becomes more unpredictable, it’s up to all of us to do our bit to conserve water. Simple things you can do include waiting until you have a full load before running the dishwasher or washing machine, turning the tap off while brushing your teeth, washing the car on the front lawn not the driveway, and spending less time in the shower.

Join your local Buy Nothing Group

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Stop your unwanted goods going to landfill by joining your local Buy Nothing Facebook Group. From the kids’ outgrown clothes and toys, to empty egg cartons and jam jars, there will be a neighbour who wants to take them off your hands. Chances are you’ll find things you need too. Either way, you’ll get to meet your local community in the process. Sounds like a win for the environment and a win for you.