Posted on March 28, 2018 in Be Inspired

Autumn Design Trends

When you have a beautiful new home, it’s natural to want to show it off with stylish furniture and interior design. Here’s a look at the latest trends for autumn 2018, so you can make sure your design choices are on point. When you have a beautiful new home, it’s natural to want to show it off with stylish furniture and interior design.

Natural colours

This autumn it’s all about warm, earthy tones and neutrals. Think colours that mimic the natural landscape and elements within nature. You can add interest with bolder tones such as navy, terracotta, rust, wasabi and vibrant green.

When it comes to paint colours, soft greys like clay are in. Reddish browns, terracotta and muddy pink can add sense richness and pack a bit more punch.

Leather and linen

In keeping with the theme of natural elements, leather and linen are in this autumn. These materials are timeless and are great for staple furniture pieces. Leather in rich brown fits with current colour trends and linen is a lovely low-maintenance choice.

Hand crafted ceramics

This season it’s all about celebrating rough edges and imperfections. Hand crafted ceramics are full of these lovely features and add a sense of soul to any interior. Having hand crafted vases and housewares will give your space that extra bit of personality and add a more homey feel.

Frayed edges

With soft furnishings like throws, cushions and rugs, you want to keep the organic look going by choosing items that are purposefully aged, have frayed edges and visible stitching. This will create a warmer, more relaxed look that will get you in the mood for the coming winter.

Raw textures

Right now, raw textures are all the rage. We’re talking about well-worn and weathered wood, concrete and natural stone. These can be used in your home’s fixtures as well as fittings.

Concrete is being used in new and exciting ways such as kitchen backsplashes and benchtops, as well as decorative accessories. When it comes to wood, darker tones are coming back in like mahogany, oak and walnut.

Indoor plants

Plants are a great way to add life to your home and this trend will continue through autumn. Hanging plants add interest to any room, succulents are great centrepieces and fresh herbs in the kitchen are always inspiring.

Choosing your finishes

If you’re in the process of building and are still choosing your finishes, here’s how you can include autumn trends into your home:

  • Lay luxurious wool carpets in neutral tones in living areas and bedrooms.
  • Use concrete or real stone for your kitchen benchtops or splashbacks.
  • Add the raw texture of timber on floors and cabinets and remember to go for darker tones.

At GO Homes, we’ve been incorporating the latest trends into our home designs for years, so we are always on top of all the latest materials, styles and accessories.

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